Saturday, April 08, 2006

Belmont wall



Andre Bagoo said...

I live on this street. As a child, the painted flag was always there. But it was not as it is now in its current form. The previous painting was larger and featured --and still features in my imagination-- a large flag unfurling in the wind.

The history of this painted flag, which was preserved in its current form when the owners of the house on the corner finally decided to re-paint thier wall some years ago, is murky.

I hear that it was originally done to commerate the fact that a local politician lived there. Other reasons revolved around the fact that Carr Street --for that is the name of this street-- was an important place for people who eventually became cultual icons. For example, Jason Griffith was once based at Carr Place.

Over the years the flag, regardless of its history, acquired a meaning and irony of its own. A joyful meaning and irony that no doubt you too see, like those who have proudly preserved it as a Belmont landmark for all this time.

Wendell Mc Shine said...

seen that made me realy missed home