Monday, July 07, 2008


Canape Vért
Working at Place public Canape Vért with local artists and various children who just joined in. I worked with Karim Bléus, artist and sign painter, as well as with artist Tessa Mars who translated my text into creole. See hers and mine here - "creole text"
Tessa translating
I am not sure if the image done on ply-board with house paint worked out but the process of working outdoors in a public space and the resulting comments were interesting. Habdaphai, of Martinique, as well as Edwige Aplogan of Benin worked with other artists at the same location. This was all part of the Forum Transculturel de Port-au-Prince. Click on the images also to see more in Flickr.


Anonymous said...

It must have been a thrilling experinece to share your art with other international artists. Now about that stool...

Unknown said...

the shoes....yes, they are so remarkably striking - they remind us of that fine line between the innocence of youth and the hardness of the backdrop, life, the hardness of the concrete as a backdrop for the feet that once wore these shoes... really powerful